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謹賀新年 Happy New Year!

So I know New Year is kind of a big deal in Japan, with plenty of traditional customs, which is very exciting! I cannot wait to spend New Year 2013/14 there, it’s going to be so awesome! All of the mochi, the games, music and cards, much better than here in England (where I can’t even really be bothered going out, but there is too much pressure to have fun!)

I hope you have a wonderful night/day all of you! Speak to you next year!

Happy New Year!! xxxxxxxx

Japanese Skiing Holidays..? Apparently so!

So, it’s been a while! I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas, I certainly did, as I received this undoubted awesomeness:

Of course it’s not ALL about the presents! I had a wonderful time with my family and then my boyfriend’s family too! I’m now back in Oxford, all alone! Meh!

I had a customer yesterday and she was buying a HUGE pair of snow boots so I asked her if she was going anywhere (to wear said snow boots) and she replied that yes, she was going skiing, when I asked where she said Japan.

HOLD THE PHONE!! You can ski in Japan?? I vaguely remember someone telling me this and I was like ‘NAH!’ Surely a joke. I only thought you could ski in Italy..Canada…Sweden and Aspen (the latter is what I have learnt from the movie Dumb and Dumber) admittedly, I know nothing about skiing, I have never been, never really wanted to, though my Iranian friend says she frequently goes skiing in Iran (??!!) So what’s the deal there? Do a lot of people do this? Why have I never heard of this being an activity?

I got to talking to the customer, telling her I was studying Japanese etc and then she was all ‘Oh yeah I studied Japanese!’ WOAH. This is crazy! I’ve never met anyone else from the outside world that has studied it. Obviously she studied it in the real Oxford University and not the dumbass Oxford Brookes like me, but hey, it gives me hope! She told me that after she finished her degree she practically walking into a job for a Japanese bank and hey presto, now she’s going on expensive ski holidays in the Japanese Alps or whatever they are!

I haven’t really decided what I want to do after my degree, I always wanted to move to Japan and work in a coffee shop (really) but now I feel like I should maybe go for something a bit more ambitious. Are there a lot of foreigners working in Japan? Or is there anyone else reading this blog studying/has studied Japanese and would like to tell me about their job prospects?

Anyway, I’m gonna carry on getting fat on all the left over chocolate.



So I’m not going to be able to post again until after Christmas. I’m going home to Liverpool tomorrow (YAY!) and then to my boyfriend’s for Christmas day.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, whether you celebrate Christmas or not you should take advantage of the national holiday and spend it with your loved ones (presents optional… but preferred).

I’m quite sad I’m leaving Oxford for a few days, but I’ve been all alone for the past week so you can imagine how excited I am to see my family.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 🙂

Last Message Trailer

Please watch this heartwarming film about the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami that followed. It is called Last message. I’ve included information from the film’s Facebook page

 Short Film
This film is about the recent Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It aims to increase awareness of the effects of the earthquake and tsunami through the film.
By capturing real scenes of the devastation, it conveys the message of how valuable our lives really are.
Plot Outline
A wealthy, independent Japanese woman is in search of her grandfather who is lost in the tsunami chaos. Throughout her journey, she discovers herself and the importance of life.
Yorie Akiba, Kiichi Kuragano, Sayano Sekiguchi, Takao Omoto, Tsutomu Fujii
Directed By
Zak Baney
Written By
Zak Baney
Screenplay By
Zak Baney and Minha Kim
Produced By
Minha Ki

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Watching Kiki’s Delivery Service 😀

I love Christmas time because the English channels always seem to play Studio Ghibli films, which as we know are AWESOME!

However, I’m really not into anime as much as I used to be, after my commitment to Death Note which turned out to SUCK I kinda gave up. I need a good anime to revive my love. But, to be honest, the only anime series I ever really loved were Elfen Lied, Death Note and Ninja Scroll.


Help with remembering Kanji

Some of the kanji I’ve been learning today. For those who are also learning I’ve written some (awful) ways of remembering them. I’ve still to think of a few so if you have any ideas for the explanations that I have left blank then please share!

送る     おくる     To send (A postman riding some sort of tram to deliver post)

消す    けす      To extinguish (A fire extinguisher with water spurting from it)

焼く    やく           To grill (A fire and a BBQ stand next to it)

笑う    わらう           To laugh (A face laughing kind of like XD but right up)

心配する  しんぱいする   To worry (Kanji for heart and then what I imagine to  be the kanji for ‘sake’?)

吹く    ふく            To blow (A person with an open mouth…blowing?)

晴れる    はれる           To clear up (Same kanji as ‘spring’ – the season when it starts to clear up)

欠席する    けっせき               To be absent

切る    きる              To cut (Looks a bit like a blade)

説明する    せつめいする                To explain

洗濯する    せんたくする         To do laundry (A person washing next to a pile of wet clothes)

選ぶ    えらぶ          To choose (Two people standing under a choice of objects)

足す    たう            Add

待つ    まつ            To wait

打つ    うつ              To strike (A nail sticking out in need of striking)

貸す    かす             To lend

断る    ことわる              To refuse

着る    きる               To wear (Extravagant head garment)

注文する   ちゅうもんする            To order

置く   おく             To put/place

日本語の日記!A few more Japanese ramblings.


ごめん昨日書いたことはない。友だちに会いに行った。昼ごはんにベーグルをたべて行った (「た」のための漢字を表示できません??)




日本語の疑問をもっている:同じ本文で’masu form’と’informal form’書きことができますか。



Me talking about my awful Japanese experience today

LOVED Swing Girls! Amazing film, please watch it if you haven’t already! Tonight: Waterboys (I hear they’re kind of a pair!)

A lovely Japanese man came into my shop today (I say ‘my’ shop… but I actually only work there as some sort of sponsored slave!) I told him I was learning Japanese and he seemed eager to hear some of my awful skills so I basically just repeated the lamest introduction of myself that I did last year for my first ever assignment, as follows (written in romaji for those who can’t read kana)

Hajimemashite, O-namae wa Mona desu. Nihongo no gakusei desu. Totemo muzukashii demo tanoshii desu. Douzo yoroshiku.


HOW LAME IS THAT! I’ve learnt so much more advanced Japanese and that’s all I came up with? What a joke. Needless to say he just laughed at me… and then said something about the weather (sumui desune!)  This was my first ever experience talking to a Japanese native (that wasn’t my teacher) outside of education and it went AWFUL!

I really want to Skype with my Japanese pen-pals but the time difference makes that a bit of a problem! DAMN YOU WORLD!

So, tomorrow I am going to write another entry in Japanese, a much longer one because I need to be a bit harder on myself, I suck! Once again, corrections welcome 🙂


は、が and a bit of fashion!

Hungover today, it’s not a pretty sight! Had an awesome time at the party though. In the end I took some inspiration from  There was a picture on it a while ago of a girl wearing red pants, they looked awesome. And I love wearing shirts so I came up with the following:

Simple but bold, no?

My shoes weren’t actually the same, but damn, I wish they were.

Thank you to everyone that followed me on Twitter, it means a lot.

I’m doing a bit of Japanese language today (not too much… my head hurts a bit!) but I thought I would ask the natives out there to explain something to me. No matter how much it is explained to me I don’t really understand, so a really simple explanation might do it… my Japanese 先生 makes everything a bit complicated. The difference between はandが. I know it seems silly that I can’t grasp something so simple, but I really don’t get it!

I’m watching Swing Girls tonight, I’m very excited about it so I will let you know what I think.



My Japanese Cinema exam went ok… I think. Well, I know that the section about Pink Films went brilliantly at least! They were mostly questions about dates and directors which was a bit difficult, but I know I definitly got more than half right so I will have passed.

AND more good news, I FINISHED MY ESSAY! With 3 days spare! Goodness I am prepared 🙂 I did about 9 hours of work today, but it is so worth it, it sounds quite amazing, in fact, I think I may publish it in a post on here (once the deadline is over.. I don’t wan’t anybody copying my amazing effort). However, I can safely say that I have ruined六月の蛇 (A Snake of June) for myself forever! So that’s it, no more classes this side of the semester. WOOP!

All this cinema-related work has left me neglecting my Japanese language a bit however so I will continue with that tomorrow and you can all continue telling me how crap I am!

You may have noticed (and if you haven’t then I will tell you now) that I now have a twitter page for this blog  🙂 I thought it might get me a bit of traffic and then hopefully more people will be aware of my existence, keeping in mind that the whole reason I started this blog was to gain recognition of how awesome I would be at reporting the Japanese world to all the doubters! So, if you will, please follow me! I will mostly just be tweeting links to new posts on this blog but then that way you will know at a moments notice (not that you want to… I seem to be thinking rather highly of myself here).

The man is cooking me spaghetti bologna, yum! Luckily I miss my turn to cook tomorrow because I’m going to a party and on Sunday’s we always have roast dinner, but I need to think of something to cook on Monday evening.  Does anybody have any good (and easy!) Japanese recipes? I can get hold of ingredients quite easily as we have a foreign food store nearby.