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Help with remembering Kanji

Some of the kanji I’ve been learning today. For those who are also learning I’ve written some (awful) ways of remembering them. I’ve still to think of a few so if you have any ideas for the explanations that I have left blank then please share!

送る     おくる     To send (A postman riding some sort of tram to deliver post)

消す    けす      To extinguish (A fire extinguisher with water spurting from it)

焼く    やく           To grill (A fire and a BBQ stand next to it)

笑う    わらう           To laugh (A face laughing kind of like XD but right up)

心配する  しんぱいする   To worry (Kanji for heart and then what I imagine to  be the kanji for ‘sake’?)

吹く    ふく            To blow (A person with an open mouth…blowing?)

晴れる    はれる           To clear up (Same kanji as ‘spring’ – the season when it starts to clear up)

欠席する    けっせき               To be absent

切る    きる              To cut (Looks a bit like a blade)

説明する    せつめいする                To explain

洗濯する    せんたくする         To do laundry (A person washing next to a pile of wet clothes)

選ぶ    えらぶ          To choose (Two people standing under a choice of objects)

足す    たう            Add

待つ    まつ            To wait

打つ    うつ              To strike (A nail sticking out in need of striking)

貸す    かす             To lend

断る    ことわる              To refuse

着る    きる               To wear (Extravagant head garment)

注文する   ちゅうもんする            To order

置く   おく             To put/place


4 responses

  1. hideaki

    心配するdeliver your heart to
    晴れるsun and blue sky [ not spring]
    欠席a person should be on the seat at that time but can not be there
    説明speaking about it clearly
    足す if you add a long feet enough you will be satisfied
    待つgo to a temple in that case you have to wait there for a while
    貸すinstead of a sea shell you lend money
    断るseparate request by a knife
    注文するpour sentences
    置くput and leave it at that place

    ?????????how about this but i feel strange myself,i have never thought like this things before in order to remember kanji.

    December 19, 2011 at 7:59 am

    • They’re amazing! I will remember these better as I didn’t think of them myself!
      I assume you started to learn kanji from a very small age, do you still find it difficult remembering some?

      December 19, 2011 at 9:20 am

    • Also, did you think of these yourself? I especially like 説明 (speaking about it clearly) I always get confused with similar kanji.

      December 19, 2011 at 9:23 am

  2. hideaki

    there are lots of lots of lots of kanji i cannt read nor write.yes i find it difficult .we all japanese i think are not good at kanji.

    yeah i did it by myself,using kanji letter letter dictionary for some kanji.
    i wonder you really got a help by that.

    December 21, 2011 at 5:29 am

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