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Last Message Trailer

Please watch this heartwarming film about the devastation of the earthquake and tsunami that followed. It is called Last message. I’ve included information from the film’s Facebook page

 Short Film
This film is about the recent Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It aims to increase awareness of the effects of the earthquake and tsunami through the film.
By capturing real scenes of the devastation, it conveys the message of how valuable our lives really are.
Plot Outline
A wealthy, independent Japanese woman is in search of her grandfather who is lost in the tsunami chaos. Throughout her journey, she discovers herself and the importance of life.
Yorie Akiba, Kiichi Kuragano, Sayano Sekiguchi, Takao Omoto, Tsutomu Fujii
Directed By
Zak Baney
Written By
Zak Baney
Screenplay By
Zak Baney and Minha Kim
Produced By
Minha Ki

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