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Mmm, tiramisu!

EPIC shift in uni today. 12 hours. TWELVE-FREAKIN-HOURS! Even more epic was that only 3 hours of it consisted of lectures. It was a hella day in the library but I feel so good now! Though I’m still not on top of all my work? How can that be? Hmph, it’ll be a miracle if I ever pass this course!

Learnt my 50 kanji for tomorrow, yesh! We have to learn how to write them from memory now, something which is harder than it seems! So many strokes in certain orders. TOO MANY RULES.

(I’m currently trying to open a pot of tiramisu with little luck… I will be back)

Mmmm, tiramisu!!! Oh my god I totally have an iPhone now so I can show you (I have recently converted to the dark side… late I know!)

Haha that looks so pathetic! You can even see my ancient laptop! Shame on me! So yeah, just got myself an iPhone!!! (Well, I found one in a taxi and claimed it!)  Still don’t really know how to use this thing and to be honest I don’t really love it, I used to have an awesome LG which I loved with all my heart… alas gone it is!

Anyway.. don’t really know what that tangent was about! And now I’m way too tired to carry on writing! So goodnight!

Japanese Modern History help please :)

I was well into researching Japanese history when this absolutely mad girl comes BARGING into the computer room, slams all of her stuff all over the desks and starts ranting in some foreign dialect, completely putting me off!?? Rage!


Luckily I’d already done quite a bit of work for my presentation, which I’m very kindly going to share with you now!

Firstly I’ve done a bit about Japan’s Twenty-one Demands to China in 1915. So, the rest of the world was so preoccupied with WWI that Japan took advantage and got aggressive all over China, demanding certain privileges, knowing that nobody was around to bail them out.  (I ramble on about this for a few pages!)

Next comes Japan’s Peace Preservation Law of 1925. They basically denied about 200,000 people the right to vote with a little loophole, and then, to stop people having a response to this awful bill they enacted a law saying that people basically didn’t have the right to oppose the political party in ANY WAY – very George Orwell/Totalitarianism.

And last, but by no means least, the March 1st Movement in 1919 where Korea decided they’d had enough of Japan’s crap, drew themselves up a Declaration of Independence and then strolled though the cities in protest, wanting to be independent of Japan.

It all looks a lot more impressive that this… So, I’m in need of help please, what do these 3 factors have in common? I need a little summary 🙂


Remembering my natsuyasumi when all I have now is work!

It’s a wonderful day! I’ve had another post put up for Lingualift! Yesh! It’s about the Japanese conceptual artist On Kawara. He’s pretty awesome and a bit obsessed with the concept of time and existence, it’s deep stuff! Check it out yo!

I’m currently working on another little art-related article for the wonderful people of Lingualift BUT I mustn’t neglect so tonight I’m gonna watch another explicit movie and see what everyone has to say about it!

Until all of that however I have a lot of uni work to do (it never ends!) Today I’m focusing on 2 (TWO!) presentations that I have next week! One is a Japanese speaking test, I’ve gotta describe a photo, I’ve decided to use one of me and my friends on holiday in Italy… I’ll show you it:

Ahhh, my beautiful long hair *sniff*

I figure that there’s quite a lot to talk about in this picture so it should make for a good presentation.

My next presentation is about… Hmmm… I don’t actually know! That doesn’t help… Let me see…

The history of Japan – The Twenty-one Demands (don’t know what that is?) The Peace Preservation Law (again, what?) and The March First Movement! So all in all, I’m pretty screwed for that! Sounds as boring as it gets doesn’t it really? Any takers?

Beautiful Obento and the role of the Japanese woman

Done absolutely loads of work today! Mostly reading on the gender roles of women in Japan. There was one part in particular about Bento boxes and how the more pleasing to the eye they are, the better mother you are? If you gave your child a tuna sandwich and a packet of crisp the school would probably drag your sorry backside into school for a meeting about the child’s welfare. So let’s have a look at some beautiful Obento…

How good do they look? They look like they would take about 14 hours to make, how do these women have time for housework? Unfortunately, my western indoctrination doesn’t really allow me to see the nice point of view in women’s subordination. I mean, I totally agree that different sexes are good at different things (women nurture and men go to war!) We have different roles and although I’m all for equal rights and what not, sometimes we have to just sit down and think about what our gender says about us, our instincts as men or women and what we know about each sex. HOWEVER I would like to stress that although I think different sexes suit different roles, I DON’T think that one role is more important than the other!!! The world needs men to go out and fight, hunt and build for our survival, but it needs women to raise future fighters/hunters/builders and to look after her husband and their home so that he has anything to even fight/hunt/build for, without the emotional, nurturing and logical support that a woman provides, men wouldn’t be able to do all of those manly tasks that they are so proud of… and vice versa.

Eat that men of the world.

Valentine’s blogging and gross houmous.

I’ve been LAZY today, instead of doing work like a good little girl I’ve been shopping for clothes. Beautiful clothes! Since it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and all I’ve gotta be keeping up those appearances!

Aww, Valentine's Octopussy

And luckily, here in the UK we  get chocolates and presents, yay! I know that in Japan it’s customary for the women to give chocolate to men and then you have a sort of  ‘reply day’ a month later? But from what I’ve read the women get back about 3 times what they gave so that can’t be bad! To be honest, Valentine’s Day is a bit of a jib really, all this commercialism is enough to make me wanna throw up! And literally all the shops turn pink and fluffy, it’s a bit too much (Japanese shops are probably pink, fluffy and kawaii all year round so it wouldn’t be that bad!)

I’ve just eaten out of date houmous. Ew.

In other non-Valentine’s news, I got myself a post for a wonderful blog; 🙂 The site is aimed at those wanting to learn Japanese but they also have a brilliant blog section with all sorts of articles about Japanese culture, food, fashion etc. It seemed apt that I start out writing a post on a Top 5 must-see Japanese films sooooo GO:

Click for my post 🙂

All this blogging and review writing gets me really excited 🙂 Anyway, on with my Japanese studies, I’ve been a bit naughty and neglected it! Happy Valentines Day Everyone..

Suicide and Dream Girls

Not the most pleasant picture I’ve featured, but hey, we all need a bit of shock from time to time! Click the picture and read my review on Suicide Club. I’m sure most of you will have seen it, it is quite grim but definitely worth the watch. I should also mention that suicide is a real issue in Japan, the movie and its review are for entertainment purposes (I received a comment on the review… which you will see if you read it!)

If Marcello reads this THANK YOU! You really cheered me up 🙂 I’ve been having a pretty stressful week, too much work, too little time etc. So now I’m gonna do some reading for my next lecture and write a little report on a documentary called Dream Girls which is about the Takarazuka Revue. It’s slightly odd for western women to imagine that women in other parts of the world have the view that the girls in this film do. I don’t think I fully understand Japanese women and why they feel subordinate to men… do they even feel like this? That’s the impression I got from watching the documentary. IOf you have seen it let me know what you think.

Not a happy Naruto today

I’ve been in the most awful mood for the past 2 days, I’m feeling a bit down.

Yesterday was just awful, I had work all day, got home and then had to do loads of reading (which I didn’t finish) and then revise for this silly Japanese test I had this morning. Consequently, I revised the wrong thing and had to guess most of the answers. Needles to say it didn’t go very well. FML. Then in class we learned the simplest crap that I’m sure we’ve already covered, namely ‘koto ga’, ‘dekiru/wakiru’ too easy (I’m on the uni computers, they don’t write in Japanese.) So although I’m finding the lessons so easy, my tests don’t reflect that because I’m an IDIOT!

Now I should be reading about the Meji Restoration but I think my brain has stopped working and nothing is going in anymore 😦 I need help and nice words to make me feel better about myself because I currently feel like s**t.

And then when I finish uni (in three frickin’ hours) I have to go home and do more reading  because I have to go back to work tomorrow and as such will have no time.

I hate life today.

I’m a busy bee!

I really shouldn’t be writing for two websites, have a part-time job AND go to university. But hey, it’s fun (if just a bit stressful!) I am constantly writing, reading, learning and listening.

Today I have revised some of the kanji that we now have to learn to write from memory. EEK. Fortunately they are really easy this week, stuff like 石、川、兄、分、上 etc, which I can do already anyway. Then next week we are tested on a a few more complicated kanji: 雨、音 and then harder ones for the next 5 weeks. There will be 50 each week, so that 250 in 5 weeks. Seems a bit daunting.

At least my grammar lessons are going  swimmingly…

Other than that I have got a hell load of boring, long readings to do for Japanese History and Gender in Japan. BOOORING!!!

Skipping lessons for nothing exciting

I’m being a bit naughty and studying in the library instead of going to my lecture (that’s about as naughty as eating grapes at a supermarket and then paying for them at the register… but still!)

If this were my library, I would never leave. I can only dream...

Once a week we have these silly computer-room lessons where we all have to sit there with Britney-Spears-esque headphone/microphone and speak Japanese to help our pronunciation, beneficial by all means but just SO AWKWARD! Everyone listens to each other and laughs and quite frankly, I don’t like it one bit! Especially since the hour before was spent sitting on my own at the back of the class, trying to divert the teacher’s attention away from me!

So I am learning some kanji instead (although I’m actually not doing that either…) I’ve got an exam tomorrow on about 10,000 kanji (exaggeration) which I am so unprepared for and all my friends are going out tonight 😦 I’m very sad. And then I’ve got a lecture from 5pm – 8pm, this should be illegal.

So, no more blogging. ON WITH KANJI.

Japanese exercises… No sport involved!

Did a few Japanese exercises today (that’s classroom exercises, not like… yoga or whatever… is yoga Japanese? No. Jujistsu, that’ll do.)

Anyway, they’re really easy translation exercises, here:

禁煙ですから、ここで たばこを 吸わないでください。

みんな 勉強しています。図書館で 大きい声で 話さないでください。

毎日日本語の ことば をたくさん 覚えなければなりません

And a few pages more… if you can read them you can see that they’re all about the ない form that we studied yesterday. Easy Peasy.

And then I went for a wonderful little coffee with Ollie from to discuss if I could bring anything to his already wonderful website (I feel as if I’m using the word ‘wonderful’ a little too much today, I need a replacement word) and I was all HELL YEAH (in a more civilised manner of course) so you may be seeing some featured posts from me! SHA-WING. I shall keep you informed on this.

In the mean time however, I have a review to write for I always feel a bit weird discussing what I’m going to review before it is published – I like to think that I have an arch-enemy and that she (some sort of really hot, goth version of me) is watching my every move, ready to sabotage my writing and claim it as her own! I’m going to do my final viewing of said film tonight and then finish writing it tomorrow. Watch this space.