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It’s a PB & J kinda day…

I ate too much after my grocery shopping yesterday and then fell asleep! Oops! BUT, as promised, I have written a (very short) post in Japanese. I’ve been trying to figure out how to write furigana on top of the kanji, which I did.. then realised this blog won’t accept that format, annoying! So I’ve decided to only use quite simple kanji (I hope!) but alas Google Translate is our friend!

If you can read this then please, please do and give me feedback! I would appreciate it greatly! And if you can’t read it and would like a translation then I will do that too (provided I remember what the heck I wrote about!)

トーストに ジャムと ピーナッツバターを食べる. おいしいですね。
今日は 一日中 日本語を勉強しよと思う。やるべきことがたくさんある。
明日しごとに行かなければならない。しごとで 良いだ、でも退屈です。