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Japanese Skiing Holidays..? Apparently so!

So, it’s been a while! I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas, I certainly did, as I received this undoubted awesomeness:

Of course it’s not ALL about the presents! I had a wonderful time with my family and then my boyfriend’s family too! I’m now back in Oxford, all alone! Meh!

I had a customer yesterday and she was buying a HUGE pair of snow boots so I asked her if she was going anywhere (to wear said snow boots) and she replied that yes, she was going skiing, when I asked where she said Japan.

HOLD THE PHONE!! You can ski in Japan?? I vaguely remember someone telling me this and I was like ‘NAH!’ Surely a joke. I only thought you could ski in Italy..Canada…Sweden and Aspen (the latter is what I have learnt from the movie Dumb and Dumber) admittedly, I know nothing about skiing, I have never been, never really wanted to, though my Iranian friend says she frequently goes skiing in Iran (??!!) So what’s the deal there? Do a lot of people do this? Why have I never heard of this being an activity?

I got to talking to the customer, telling her I was studying Japanese etc and then she was all ‘Oh yeah I studied Japanese!’ WOAH. This is crazy! I’ve never met anyone else from the outside world that has studied it. Obviously she studied it in the real Oxford University and not the dumbass Oxford Brookes like me, but hey, it gives me hope! She told me that after she finished her degree she practically walking into a job for a Japanese bank and hey presto, now she’s going on expensive ski holidays in the Japanese Alps or whatever they are!

I haven’t really decided what I want to do after my degree, I always wanted to move to Japan and work in a coffee shop (really) but now I feel like I should maybe go for something a bit more ambitious. Are there a lot of foreigners working in Japan? Or is there anyone else reading this blog studying/has studied Japanese and would like to tell me about their job prospects?

Anyway, I’m gonna carry on getting fat on all the left over chocolate.



So I’m not going to be able to post again until after Christmas. I’m going home to Liverpool tomorrow (YAY!) and then to my boyfriend’s for Christmas day.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, whether you celebrate Christmas or not you should take advantage of the national holiday and spend it with your loved ones (presents optional… but preferred).

I’m quite sad I’m leaving Oxford for a few days, but I’ve been all alone for the past week so you can imagine how excited I am to see my family.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 🙂

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Watching Kiki’s Delivery Service 😀

I love Christmas time because the English channels always seem to play Studio Ghibli films, which as we know are AWESOME!

However, I’m really not into anime as much as I used to be, after my commitment to Death Note which turned out to SUCK I kinda gave up. I need a good anime to revive my love. But, to be honest, the only anime series I ever really loved were Elfen Lied, Death Note and Ninja Scroll.


Fashion. Not for the weak.

I had to go to the hospital this morning, I have a crappy kidney and they are trying to figure out what is wrong with it. It doesn’t seem to be too serious though… hopefully!

I have my Cinema exam in 2 hours, eek! I have revised quite a lot (certain parts more than others.. e.g Pink Films!) But I feel quite confident! ありがとう to everyone that suggested films for me to watch, I am currently downloading ‘Swing Girls’ which I have heard a lot of good things about! I will let you know what I think. After this exam today all I have to do is finish my essay about A Snake of June 六月の蛇 and then I’m finished for Christmas! I will of course still be revising all of my kanji over the holiday AND learning new grammar for next semester, which you lot can help me with, yay! In fact, if anybody has any advice on Snake of June, I can give you a little mention in my essay!

So today I’m thinking about fashion. Obviously the whole of the western world has heard about you crazy Japanese and your kooky fashion 🙂 I’m going to a party on Saturday and want to look a bit different. So, what do you wear everyday? Normal Japanese fashion, no Harajuku (which is all I can find on the internet!!) Maybe even add a picture of your favourite dress, shirt, bag etc

I appreciate all of the comments you wonderful people leave 🙂 I really do. Don’t stop!

And wish me look for my exam, I will be back tomorrow to let you know how terribly I did.


Jidaigeki madness

Jideigeki Kitty!!

Today I must concentrate on Contemporary Japanese Cinema, this is one of the modules I have to do for my course and on Thursday we have an exam on the subject! 神経!

The exam will mostly be on names and dates of films, and although it is called CONTEMPORARY Japanese Cinema, most of the films are on the Jidaigeki 時代劇 which is basically their equivalent of a Costume Drama (Pride and Prejudice etc) but based in Edo Japan and more than likely to contain some sort of awesome Samurai fight… rather than boring English acting. Though it is important to remember that they are contemporary… I just don’t consider historical pieces to be contemporary, no matter when the film was made (although Pirates of the Caribbean is a costume drama… mmm Johnny Depp).

But I am just complaining for no reason, admittedly I enjoy complaining, almost as much as I enjoy doing nothing on my days off rather than STUPID REVISION! I wish I could remember things after the first time of reading them, alas, I am no Albert Einstein.

Does anybody have any favourite Japanese films? I would be really interested in watching some other than the generic titles that we’ve all seen (Battle Royale, Casshern etc). Suggestions are very welcome! Also, are there any Japanese Christmas films? I know Japanese people aren’t Christian, but from what I know quite a lot of people celebrate Christmas in Japan. I’m really in the mood for Christmas films at the moment, but I think I’ve exhausted Home Alone more than my boyfriend would like! Another thing I’m interested in is a good comedy, my boyfriend doesn’t really enjoy watching Japanese films but I think I can change his mind with some sort of awesome comedy.