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Pen Pals!

So today I’ve spent most of the afternoon replying to my Japanese pen pals. I’m not sure if one uses the words ‘pen pal’ for friends you write to via email… but I’m gonna! If you’re learning Japanese and you don’t have an email pal then I suggest you find yourself one right away. There are millions! Just type it into Google and see what you find. Writing to others in Japanese really helps with grammar and vocabulary and usually gives you a chance to teach English too. My method is to have them write to me in English, I reply in Japanese and then we correct each other with explanations, it’s really good practice and sometimes they can make more sense to me about my mistakes than my teachers at uni! One email can take the best of an hour though so it is pretty time consuming!

Other than that I’ve just been cleaning the bathroom, gross, and I also bought some advent calendars for my boyfriend and I, as well as little Christmas tree for out room 🙂 I’m quite sad like that!

I didn’t go to my Japanese reading and writing lesson on Friday since it was my birthday, so now I’m probably a bit behind and not really sure of what I have to learn for this Friday. We have a Kanji review test at the beginning of next semester so I better get my butt into gear and start revising!!