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Exams and Pornostars


This is not an overreaction of my feelings!

I am so scared you cant imagine! BUT to take my mind off these awful events I HAVE A NEW REVIEW! It’s literally been months! So here you go guys enjoy… I’m off to face inevitable doom.

Click for my review of Pornostar for

Easter Blues

It’s been a while! Unfortunately I’ve been ill and stressed, all in all it’s not been going well (eg, I’m in the library, on my own… there is nobody else in uni except me I’m sure)

BUT, it is Easter Sunday tomorrow!

Not that Easter means much to any non-Christians… though from what I hear there are many Christians in Japan so I suppose you guys get what I’m talking about?

I have been an absolute let down on the film reviewing/article writing front (sorry guys!) There are not enough hours in the day (which is exactly why I’m in the Library on my only day off.. I’m actually quite annoyed that tomorrow is Easter because it means I can’t actually do any work.)

Doing my Kanji portfolio… I say ‘doing’ though all I’ve actually done is gathered the work that I need to start, probably won’t start it for another 2 days. What I really wanted to do is photocopy pages out of the books about Japanese lesbians, but NOOOOOO, the photocopier room is locked and the security guard won’t give me any change for the other photocopier, what a jib!

I’ve got another essay to write about Emperor Hirohito and his involvement in war crimes which is proving to be quite interesting actually, currently reading Herbert Bix’s autobiography, it’s controversial (so you know it’s good!)

That’s it for me today, I promise to be back on form next week, life is dragging me down so some nice loving words would be appreciated right about now!

Cure to flying time?

It’s been a while! I’ve had so much work to do you wouldn’t believe! And as we all know, time flies…

I had my oral exam yesterday (describing that photograph that I showed you..? Remember?) which, needless to say went pretty horrific! I had prepared and gotten myself an AWESONE little speech together and then as soon as I got the computer room to record it, everything went away! Hopefully I will have still passed because what I did manage to say was pretty good! Then today, another exam! This time a writing test, eek! I had to talk about food from Japan and England WITHOUT A DICTIONARY! Who do these people think I am???

AND next week I have another exam on Japanese History! I seriously don’t know how I haven’t pulled my hair out! I don’t think I can cope much more! In between all of this I haven’t managed to write any more posts for, but somehow pulled another film review out of thin air….


So I’ve gotta go and revise now! But I will be back soon!

New semester, film reviews and a bit of rambling!

New term starts tomorrow! CANNOT WAIT! Starts of with a 2 hour Japanese grammar lesson (which I am in dire need of at the moment!) and then a new module, The Making of Modern Japan:

This module studies the trajectory of Japan’s extraordinary rise from a feudal, resource-poor nation in the 1850s to the world’s second largest economy in the early twenty-first century. We will examine the social, economic and political changes of this period through primary source materials, secondary scholarship by both Western and Japanese scholars (in translation), literature and films. In so doing, students will acquire a firm grasp of the research tools and methods needed to pursue further interest in the study of Japanese history.

How very exciting! This module is 100% coursework which I am たくさん良いabout.

I didn’t even tell you about my results for last semester! I only got a B for Contemporary Japanese Cinema which I ain’t very happy about since I kicked the CRAP outta the essay about A Snake of June (a more fun version of which you can find here) AND I nailed the essay on Throne of Blood! But hey, at least a B is still pretty good!

So anyway, I’m also doing a module called Personhood, Gender and the Body in Contemporary Japan, deets:

This module will introduce anthropological perspectives on personhood, gender, and the body, and will examine these with reference to ethnographic material from Japan. This will also include a discussion of some issues relating to medical anthropology, including medical systems in Japan, and beliefs and practices surrounding reproductive technologies, the end of life, and organ donation.

Sounds intense!  What do you think? Other than that I’ve got my standard Kanji lessons (to which I have an exam on Friday, eek!)

ON TOP OF ALL THIS I have a review on Japan Cinema which I haven’t even told you about, jeez, where is my head? UZUMAKI! Crazy film, if you haven’t seen it, read my review, hey even if you have seen it, click on the picture below!

In the middle of all this revision/stressing about new lectures/exams, I still need to write a new review! I have a good one in mind…

Snakes and Hair Dye

The time has come beautiful readers… I have had my review POSTED!

GO! Check it out now!

Naturally it is about A Snake of June. Please read it and let me know what you think! I am so excited about this I could explode!

In other news, I’m currently dying my hair… though I have that mid-hair-dye-scare that it’s just not gonna turn out how I’m planning it to. I will be back later to update on this situation!

ALSO I’m doing some more revision today, so expect quite a bit of ranting!