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Suicide in Japan

Well, after much demand I’m back for another post! 🙂

And today’s topic is…. Suicide in Japan. Such folly (this is obviously a joke let’s not take my idiotic humour seriosuly for this post guys.)

As per usual this is for research, more specifically for a presentation that I’m doing next week with my new friend (hello!) and some other guy… don’t know his name, I’m a bad person.

People may remember that after I posted a review on Suicide Club for I recieved a rather informative comment about suicide being a serious problem in Japan (If you don’t know what I’m on about then you obviously didn’t read my review, get a grip and read it now… Suicide Club Review)

OH MY GOD my new review is up… sorry, getting sidetracked, I’ll get back to that..

So yeah, suicide… as in all countries reasons such as depression and unemployement are main factors, but Japan also has the whole issue of social pressures; school grades, doing well in a business etc. AND THEN there’s stuff like ‘double-suicides’ (forbidden lovers and all that) and honourable suicide within war, covering pretty much all reasons why anyone would want to kill themselves, ever. A quick Googling bring up ‘suicide apartments’, the ‘suicide forest’ (Aoikigahara – the world’s second most popular suicide location. If you must know number 1 is the Golden Gate Bridge, there was a documentary made about that, I saw it and it freaked the crap outta me, you actually saw people die… I’m getting sidetracked again.) There was also apparently a rise in suicides int he area after the Fukushima disaster. So it’s all quite intense and rather disturbing from what I can see.

I haven’t looked that much into it yet and our presentation is next week so any help would be nice 🙂

NOW my new review, also rather apt if you ask me, READ:

Suicide and Dream Girls

Not the most pleasant picture I’ve featured, but hey, we all need a bit of shock from time to time! Click the picture and read my review on Suicide Club. I’m sure most of you will have seen it, it is quite grim but definitely worth the watch. I should also mention that suicide is a real issue in Japan, the movie and its review are for entertainment purposes (I received a comment on the review… which you will see if you read it!)

If Marcello reads this THANK YOU! You really cheered me up 🙂 I’ve been having a pretty stressful week, too much work, too little time etc. So now I’m gonna do some reading for my next lecture and write a little report on a documentary called Dream Girls which is about the Takarazuka Revue. It’s slightly odd for western women to imagine that women in other parts of the world have the view that the girls in this film do. I don’t think I fully understand Japanese women and why they feel subordinate to men… do they even feel like this? That’s the impression I got from watching the documentary. IOf you have seen it let me know what you think.