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Library revision break post

Revision is going so well today! Hopefully I will be ready for tomorrow’s exam. Sweeet.

Currently doing some noun modification exercises (draaag) Please excuse my awful handwriting:

Yellow paper? Why not!

That looks awful! Needless to say it is kinda going in! If you’re having a little trouble getting your head around the craaaazy Japanese grammar, I recommend this book, it has literally saved my life!


That’s it for now I reckon. Should be getting on with these nouns. WISH ME LUCK!

I’m a busy bee!

I really shouldn’t be writing for two websites, have a part-time job AND go to university. But hey, it’s fun (if just a bit stressful!) I am constantly writing, reading, learning and listening.

Today I have revised some of the kanji that we now have to learn to write from memory. EEK. Fortunately they are really easy this week, stuff like 石、川、兄、分、上 etc, which I can do already anyway. Then next week we are tested on a a few more complicated kanji: 雨、音 and then harder ones for the next 5 weeks. There will be 50 each week, so that 250 in 5 weeks. Seems a bit daunting.

At least my grammar lessons are going  swimmingly…

Other than that I have got a hell load of boring, long readings to do for Japanese History and Gender in Japan. BOOORING!!!

Japanese exercises… No sport involved!

Did a few Japanese exercises today (that’s classroom exercises, not like… yoga or whatever… is yoga Japanese? No. Jujistsu, that’ll do.)

Anyway, they’re really easy translation exercises, here:

禁煙ですから、ここで たばこを 吸わないでください。

みんな 勉強しています。図書館で 大きい声で 話さないでください。

毎日日本語の ことば をたくさん 覚えなければなりません

And a few pages more… if you can read them you can see that they’re all about the ない form that we studied yesterday. Easy Peasy.

And then I went for a wonderful little coffee with Ollie from to discuss if I could bring anything to his already wonderful website (I feel as if I’m using the word ‘wonderful’ a little too much today, I need a replacement word) and I was all HELL YEAH (in a more civilised manner of course) so you may be seeing some featured posts from me! SHA-WING. I shall keep you informed on this.

In the mean time however, I have a review to write for I always feel a bit weird discussing what I’m going to review before it is published – I like to think that I have an arch-enemy and that she (some sort of really hot, goth version of me) is watching my every move, ready to sabotage my writing and claim it as her own! I’m going to do my final viewing of said film tonight and then finish writing it tomorrow. Watch this space.

日本語の日記!A few more Japanese ramblings.


ごめん昨日書いたことはない。友だちに会いに行った。昼ごはんにベーグルをたべて行った (「た」のための漢字を表示できません??)




日本語の疑問をもっている:同じ本文で’masu form’と’informal form’書きことができますか。



Me talking about my awful Japanese experience today

LOVED Swing Girls! Amazing film, please watch it if you haven’t already! Tonight: Waterboys (I hear they’re kind of a pair!)

A lovely Japanese man came into my shop today (I say ‘my’ shop… but I actually only work there as some sort of sponsored slave!) I told him I was learning Japanese and he seemed eager to hear some of my awful skills so I basically just repeated the lamest introduction of myself that I did last year for my first ever assignment, as follows (written in romaji for those who can’t read kana)

Hajimemashite, O-namae wa Mona desu. Nihongo no gakusei desu. Totemo muzukashii demo tanoshii desu. Douzo yoroshiku.


HOW LAME IS THAT! I’ve learnt so much more advanced Japanese and that’s all I came up with? What a joke. Needless to say he just laughed at me… and then said something about the weather (sumui desune!)  This was my first ever experience talking to a Japanese native (that wasn’t my teacher) outside of education and it went AWFUL!

I really want to Skype with my Japanese pen-pals but the time difference makes that a bit of a problem! DAMN YOU WORLD!

So, tomorrow I am going to write another entry in Japanese, a much longer one because I need to be a bit harder on myself, I suck! Once again, corrections welcome 🙂


It’s a PB & J kinda day…

I ate too much after my grocery shopping yesterday and then fell asleep! Oops! BUT, as promised, I have written a (very short) post in Japanese. I’ve been trying to figure out how to write furigana on top of the kanji, which I did.. then realised this blog won’t accept that format, annoying! So I’ve decided to only use quite simple kanji (I hope!) but alas Google Translate is our friend!

If you can read this then please, please do and give me feedback! I would appreciate it greatly! And if you can’t read it and would like a translation then I will do that too (provided I remember what the heck I wrote about!)

トーストに ジャムと ピーナッツバターを食べる. おいしいですね。
今日は 一日中 日本語を勉強しよと思う。やるべきことがたくさんある。
明日しごとに行かなければならない。しごとで 良いだ、でも退屈です。