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There’s an app for that

Second post of the day? Whoa there!

Recently (well, today) I was told that you couldn’t view my blog from an iPhone? Well fear not people! WordPress hasn’t been left behind in the massive technological industrialisation of the 21st Century, low and behold (is that the phrase?) a WordPress app:

Get it, find me, calm down knowing that you can still read my wise words from anywhere in the world.

Mmm, tiramisu!

EPIC shift in uni today. 12 hours. TWELVE-FREAKIN-HOURS! Even more epic was that only 3 hours of it consisted of lectures. It was a hella day in the library but I feel so good now! Though I’m still not on top of all my work? How can that be? Hmph, it’ll be a miracle if I ever pass this course!

Learnt my 50 kanji for tomorrow, yesh! We have to learn how to write them from memory now, something which is harder than it seems! So many strokes in certain orders. TOO MANY RULES.

(I’m currently trying to open a pot of tiramisu with little luck… I will be back)

Mmmm, tiramisu!!! Oh my god I totally have an iPhone now so I can show you (I have recently converted to the dark side… late I know!)

Haha that looks so pathetic! You can even see my ancient laptop! Shame on me! So yeah, just got myself an iPhone!!! (Well, I found one in a taxi and claimed it!)  Still don’t really know how to use this thing and to be honest I don’t really love it, I used to have an awesome LG which I loved with all my heart… alas gone it is!

Anyway.. don’t really know what that tangent was about! And now I’m way too tired to carry on writing! So goodnight!